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Report: The State of Customer Data Integration 2013

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ThumbnailMore than 920 technical professionals, business leaders, systems integrators, VARs and partners participated in “The State of Customer Data Integration 2013” report. Respondents came from a cross-section of industries and from more than 50 countries, representing all regions of the world. Various company sizes and levels of core business systems adoption and usage were represented. CRM continues to be the central hub of enterprises of all sizes. Enterprise Resources Management (ERP) and Business Intelligence (BI) came in second and third with reported adoption of these systems by 72% and 63% of respondents. In this report you’ll learn about industry trends such as:

More Business Systems Moving into the Cloud

  • CRM leading the way with 26% of businesses reporting pure cloud environment for CRM.
  • ERP & BI systems still predominantly on-premise.

Growing Importance of Hybrid Environment Support for CRM Strategy

— 47% of businesses and 73% of third-party systems integrators point to hybrid environment support as either a top priority or important.

Expansion is the Top Business Priority for 2013 — 73% of businesses and 80% of systems integrators report revenue growth as top priority; increased customer satisfaction and increased revenue by customer next top priorities.

Close to 50% Budget Ownership for Core Business Systems Now Outside of IT — Although IT continues to own a sizeable portion of the budget, sales, operations and marketing departments together are responsible for 48% of the planned systems investments in 2013.