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Ovum On The Radar - Scribe Online

Simplify Application and Data Integration
with Scribe's iPaaS

ThumbnailSaaS vendors, VARs, and SIs use Scribe Online, Scribe's integration platform as a service (iPaaS), for cost-effective and time-efficient application and data integration. Read Ovum On The Radar - Scribe Online to learn why. 

In this detailed product review, Ovum highlights several unique features of Scribe Online including its:

  • Drag and drop mapping capabilities
  • Integration lifecycle management capabilities that lower total cost of ownership 
  • Connector development kit (CDK)
  • Dedicated security mediator
  • Pre-built integration templates

Download your copy of Ovum On The Radar - Scribe Online and learn how Scribe Online can lower your implementation time and help you achieve a faster time-to-value.


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Ovum On The Radar - Scribe Online

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