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SMBs are increasingly savvy in their use of Marketing, Analytics, and Forecasting and CRM has become a critical business system for many SMB's. They use their CRM for management of prospect information, customer information, lead nurturing, email marketing and sales forecasting because they understand the significance of housing all critical data in one location so that they can easily share data between departments, providing one view across the organization.

However one of the biggest IT challenges faced by SMBs today lies in data quality and data integration:

  • Only 40% of SMBs report seamless prospect data sharing between finance and sales, and finance and marketing.
  • 43% report seamless customer data sharing between finance and sales, and 41% between finance and marketing, and finance and customer service.
  • The methods SMBs use to achieve data integration are inadequate with only 18% reporting marketing data as being fully automated with their CRM.

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State of SMB CRM Integration, IT Pain Points and Investments 2013

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