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Lessons Learned From Salesforce-ERP Integrations at Medical Device Manufacturers

To address increased regulatory burdens and higher service expectations, medical device manufacturers are transforming their operations to be more digital, automated, and integrated.  With integrated systems, such as their CRM and ERP systems, these manufacturers can improve the sales experience for prospects, gain greater visibility into their sales pipelines, and improve maintenance and supply services for their devices.

Watch this webinar to learn the lessons learned by several manufacturers when they integrated their CRM and ERP systems.  We discuss integrations that involve Salesforce CRM and the Dynamics GP ERP system, but the lessons also apply to other CRM and ERP combinations.

You will learn:

  • How medical device manufacturers are using integration to meet regulatory requirements and improve the sales experience
  • Automation scenarios that can improve equipment maintenance and other service processes
  • Tools and approaches that can accelerate the integration and automation process

30 minutes


Bill Symans
President & Co-Founder
Saxa Solutions

John Joseph
Vice President, Marketing
Scribe Software

Watch the On-Demand Webinar!

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