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The Definitive Guide to Integrating Your E-Commerce and ERP Systems


Integrating your e-commerce and ERP systems brings greater efficiency to the order process whether you are a manufacturer or retailer.

This paper provides technical guidance and considerations for integrating an e-commerce platform with an ERP system.  Although we use specific examples of integrating Magento with Epicor, many scenarios and procedures explained in this paper can be applied generically to most ERP and e-commerce systems integrations.

By downloading The Definitive Guide to Integrating Your E-Commerce and ERP Systems, you'll learn some of the benefits to this integration, which include:

  • Automation - Helps bring an order quickly from one system to the next so the company can meet the customer expectations of fast order fulfillment
  • Seamless Customer Experience - Consolidating your customer information will provide you with a comprehensive view of the customer and one source of truth for your customer data, thus delivering the best customer experience
  • Sales and Marketing Effectiveness - Improved business intelligence should lead to higher marketing ROI and faster sales processes

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